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Aria Amazon

5 Day Peruvian Amazon Cruise (Low Water Season)

The Aria is a brand new, custom designed, 3 deck, luxury yacht, launched in April 2010. She offers the highest standards in modern, small ship cruising, ensuring that you travel in absolute style along the dazzling Amazon river. The vessel is air conditioned throughout, with just 16 stunning suites guaranteeing intimacy and exclusivity. Enjoy gourmet Peruvian cuisine on board and a stunning observation deck from where you can admire the incredible scenery.



The Peruvian Amazon basically has two seasons: The high water season runs from December to May and the low water season begins in June and continues through to November. A cruise on the Amazon in Peru offers fabulous rewards whenever you choose to travel – fabulous sights and some amazing opportunities to view plant and animal life. Although the high water season is Peru’s cooler, wetter season, it is worth remembering that you will experience some rain whenever you choose to travel, as the Amazonian jungle receives an average of 200 rainy days each year, and that temperatures, at approximately 86 degrees Fahrenheit, are only around 12 degrees cooler in the high water season than in the low water season.  

Choosing to cruise on the Amazon in high water season (from December to May) has some advantages. As the rivers are, on average, 23 feet higher than in low water season, every river, creek and lake is navigable. As you explore these waterways, the higher water level also means that you are closer to the jungle canopy where monkeys play and Amazonian birds roost. You are likely to see more mammals at this time than in low water season. However, high waters mean fishing is more limited, and many of the jungle trails will be flooded so finding a usable walking trail can be difficult. There are also more mosquitoes at this time of year.

The Aria is built to fit 32 guests and has a crew of 27 members, including your Cruise Director, a paramedic and 4 English-speaking naturalists. The boat is suited to fill all your needs so you feel completely at home. Onboard the ship includes a shop, bar/lounge, Jacuzzi and exercise room for your stay. 

During your vacation you will taste a special Peruvian menu, created by one of the top 10 chefs in Peru, Pedro Miguel Schiaffino. Meals will be served either onboard in the dining room or out during one of the luxurious excursions. Meals will be paired with complementary wine.

Travelling to the Amazon in low water season means that the jungle trails and paths which are flooded at other times of the year, are now accessible and you will be able to explore better by foot. You will also be less pestered by mosquitos during the walks. Lower water levels can also almost guarantee a catch when fishing and you may even be able to pull out a pirhana. You will also have the chance to see many species of migratory birds in flight. So, if jungle hikes and some excellent fishing are important to you, then the low water season may suit you best. 

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