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Sailing ships

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Sailing ships provide the unique experience to cruise through shallower waters and are wind powered, making for a quieter, more intimate and environmentally friendly experience. Seeing the wind blowing in the sails while you pass beautiful coastlines also adds to the tranquil quality of sailing cruises.

Popular destinations for sailing

People most suited to sailing cruises

  • Laid-back travellers
  • Lovers of the worlds coasts
  • Nature observers
  • People interested in sailing

Some of our sailing ships

Apollo III

They say that old racing yachts never die - they just sail off into a tropical sunset and it was indeed this fate that was in store for the Apollo III, Alan Bond's former America's Cup training ship, when she came to the end of her racing career. The Apollo III is a 55ft ocean racing ship that competed in many of the major races around the world. She now sails at a more relaxed pace, offering cruises on the Great Barrier Reef in the Whitsunday Islands. Accommodating just 12 guests, she has flat decks and full headroom throughout, offering a good level of comfort for fast sailing. Become part of the crew of this performance racing yacht: Set the sails, grind the winches or take a turn at the helm as you cruise through the idyllic scenery of the Whitsundays.
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The Panorama was launched in 1993 and fully renovated in 2009 and is now a state of the art sail cruiser comfortably accommodating up to 49 passengers. The ship boasts a spacious dining room, lounge and bar area, including a well stocked library, providing a relaxed and informal atmosphere. Life on board the Panorama centres around the outdoor areas and its sun deck is the perfect place in which to relax, sunbathe and admire the passing scenery.
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Le Ponant

The super luxury vessel, Orion II was launched in May 2011, and is set to change the face of expedition cruising. This private yacht-like cruise ship accommodates just 100 guests in 50 handsomely-appointed suites with private ocean views. The interiors of rich fabrics, elegant wood, polished brass and rare antiquities blend perfectly with the ship's inviting facilities and reflect both elegance and supreme cruising pleasure. An expedition cruise on the Orion II is sure to be the trip of a lifetime for anyone searching for adventure alongside first class service and facilities.
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Sea Cloud

Sea Cloud

The Sea Cloud, built in 1931, was at that time the largest private yacht ever constructed. Since then the world's most luxurious tall ship has been restored to its original splendor, generating excitement in each port. The Sea Cloud's most remarkable features are her four masts, 29 sails and the tangled web of lines stretching 178 feet skyward to support the rigging. Unlike modern sailing ships, all sail setting on the Sea Cloud is done by hand.
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Price range

Prices range from $325 for a 2-day cruise in the Whitsunday Islands to $5500 for a cruise and flight package to the Caribbean.

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