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River cruises, hotel barges, coastal cruises, sailing ships, yachts, and expedition cruises

At eWaterways, we provide six broad cruise type categories to help identify what type of cruise might be best suited to your needs. Within each category there's always a variety of ships, whether small or large, ultra-modern or character packed. To find out more and to search our huge range of itineraries, please select a cruise type below.

River Cruises

Amazon | Danube | Douro | Gota Canal | Mekong | Nile | Rhine | Rhone | Seine | Volga

River Cruises

River cruises are the most popular with our clients because they allow travellers to visit many locations over a short time. River cruises give more diverse scenery because they traverse banks, ports, and waterways upon which great cities have been built. The shallower waters also give a gentler ride than ocean cruises. Rivers like the Amazon, Danube, Murray, Rhine, Rhone, and Yangtze, are very popular choices.

Click here learn more about our small ship river cruises.

Hotel Barging Cruises

Belgium | Burgundy | Holland | Ireland | Loire | Gota Canal | London | Provence | Rhone | Scotland

Hotel Barging

Our beautiful hotel barges will take you along the peaceful canals of Europe. Carrying between 6 and 22 passengers, these vessels can navigate waterways not accessible to larger ships, allowing you to visit places tourists normally do not see. The barges move at a relaxing, leisurely pace, so you can take in views of the exquisite countryside and explore inland as you wish.

Click here learn more about our hotel barge cruises.

Coastal Cruises

Adriatic Coast | Corsica | Dalmatian Islands | French Polynesia | Great barrier reef islands | Mekong

Coastal Cruises

Some of the world's most dramatic scenery can be found along the coasts of Norway, Croatia, the Cyclades and the Whitsunday Islands. Coastal cruises let you approach new countries in the spirit of the first explorers to arrive there after crossing the ocean from their homelands. You will experience the charming harbours and villages along the shore as well as the broad expanse of the open ocean and be able to get a taste of many different regions of the same country.

Click here learn more about our small ship coastal cruises.

Sailing Cruises

Caribbean | Corsica | Egypt | Italy | Mediterranean | Seychelles | Whitsunday Islands

Sailing ships

Sailing ships provide the unique experience to cruise through shallower waters and are wind powered, making for a quieter, more intimate and environmentally friendly experience. Seeing the wind blowing in the sails while you pass beautiful coastlines also adds to the tranquil quality of sailing cruises.

Click here learn more about our sailing ship cruises.

Yacht Cruises

Aeolian islands | Alaska | Galapagos Islands | Greece | Hawaii Islands | Galapagos Islands

Yacht cruises

Yachts offer the best in comfort, luxury and relaxation and are the perfect size to navigate either Europe's rivers or the open ocean while providing a more personal experience. On a yacht cruise you will be able to explore port cities in several different countries without missing the comforts of home.

Click here learn more about our yacht cruises.

Expedition Cruises

Alaska | Antarctic | Galapagos Islands | Greenland | Falkland Islands | Vietnam

Expedition Cruises

Expedition cruises give you the opportunity to visit far, out of reach parts of our planet. On an expedition cruise, you can expect to see landscapes, valleys, flora, fauna, and natural events like the Aurora Borealis that you would only ever witness on earth and nature documentaries.

Click here learn more about our expedition cruises.

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Luxury yacht cruises in 2019 & 2020

Yacht cruise

Danube, Rhine, Rhône and Saône 2019 Cruises

Amadeus 2017 cruises
We have a range of cruises on the Danube, Rhine, Rhône and Saône in 2019, aboard the state-of-the-art fleet owned by Amadeus. Cruise through Lyon, Amsterdam, and other scenic routes in true comfort and style. Click here for more info!

Croatian Cruises in 2019 & 2020

Croatian Cruise

We have a wide variety of special interest cruises in Croatian next year. Call us or click here for more info.

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